Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is NFL PRO ERA II?

    A: NFL PRO ERA II is the next evolution of the first officially NFL and NFLPA licensed virtual reality (VR) football game that lets players experience what it’s like to compete as the quarterback of their favorite NFL team.

  • Q: Who developed NFL PRO ERA II?

    A: NFL PRO ERA II was developed by StatusPRO, Inc., a company founded by athletes with a mission to democratize the professional athlete experience and bring fans closer to the gridiron than they’ve ever been before.

  • Q: How do you have all of the athletes represented in NFL PRO ERA II?

    A: NFL PRO ERA II will feature the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) group license to allow fans to play the current NFL roster in the game.

  • Q: How is NFL PRO ERA II different from other football video games?

    A: NFL PRO ERA II uses NFL game data to create one of the most authentic and immersive first-person NFL VR experiences. Gamers will be able to step under center and see if they have what it takes to compete at the highest level and make the big plays. NFL PRO ERA II also provides a multi-player experience where players can now pit their favorite teams against each other as QB. We deliver experience instead of simulation.

  • Q: What makes NFL PRO ERA II unique?

    A: NFL PRO ERA II delivers an exhilarating fusion of tech, athlete insight, and data. Unleashing a thrilling opportunity for fans and gamers alike to experience the rush of leading a team under dazzling lights, with thousands of screaming fans waiting for your every move. Created by former players and industry leading developers, this game puts you in the quarterback's shoes, delivering authentic gameplay like never before.

  • Q: What are some of the objectives of gameplay in NFL PRO ERA II?

    A: Play with friends, family, and soon to be rivals in Head 2 Head Online Multiplayer in your favorite NFL stadiums from across the league.
    Lead your team to a Super Bowl and grow your franchise into a dynasty
    Learn how to read defenses, run the offense, and make plays just like the pros do on Sunday.
    Grow your QB skills by participating in minicamp, practice, exhibition, and Season modes.

  • Q: What are the key differences between console vs. VR especially as it pertains to NFL PRO ERA II?

    A: VR has allowed us to create NFL environments that you feel rather than just see.
    Opening kickoffs that trigger butterflies in your stomach, 2-minute drills that get your adrenaline pumping, and game winning touchdowns that deliver a visceral feeling of victory or defeat. The nuances of physical motion that give athletes the edge on the field is now at your disposal as an extension to your controller.

  • Q: Where can we play NFL PRO ERA II?

    A: NFL PRO ERA II will be available globally on Meta Quest 2 , PlayStation® VR , and Steam platforms.

  • Q: Who is on the cover of NFL PRO ERA II?

    A: Heisman Trophy Winner & NFL MVP Lamar Jackson returns as our cover athlete for the second straight year.

  • Q: Does this game have multiplayer?

    Absolutely! Multiplayer was one of our key focuses during the development of NFL Pro Era II. You can now compete with the best of the best with our brand-new Head 2 Head Online Multiplayer! We’ve also upgraded our sandbox-mode, Multiplayer Freeplay, where you can team up with buddies, loved ones, or challenge new rivals in open, full field.

  • Q: How much does the game cost?

    The game is priced at $29.99.

  • Q: What are the game-play modes in NFL PRO ERA II?

    - Head 2 Head Multiplayer allows players from across the globe to battle online for ultimate QB1 bragging rights. You can match up with a friend, or meet a new friend, as QB pitch your favorite teams against each other.
    - Career Mode follows the authentic NFL Schedule and gives players an opportunity to win their way to the Super Bowl, featuring a whiteboard game plan for each team, complete with keys of the game including team information, opponent records and details if they pass heavy or run heavy or any special skills you need to know.
    - ‘Coach Confidence’ is our most exciting addition to Career Mode. As you notch milestones in your career, Coach Confidence empowers you with increased command over your offense, introducing an added dimension of challenge and depth that our community desires.
    - Multiplayer Freeplay allows you to play with up to 8 people, competing in mini-games with anyone from anywhere in the world, or invite your friends to play together on the same platform. This mode allows players to get creative and is the source of some of our community's best user generated content.
    - Exhibition Mode allows you to choose your matchup and play full 11 on 11 games as any team in any stadium, outside of the NFL schedule.
    - Practice Mode allows players to work on their skills for offense and defense in the StatusPRO practice facility.
    - 2 Minute Drill allows you to pick up any matchup in the season with an 11 on 11 arcade presentation with a leaderboard that lives across all users. For this pure fun drill, you start at the 10 yard line and score as many points as possible before the clock stops!
    - Mini Camp Tour includes four distinct drills designed to hone a player's pocket presence and sharpen their on-field skills.

  • Q: How do I hold the football?

    Walk to your locker and pick up the ‘Practice Football’ Hover your hand over the football and engage the trigger buttons of whichever motion controller that corresponds with that virtual hand.

  • Q: How do I sprint?

    A: Hold the grip buttons on both controllers and move the joystick forward. (Not to be confused with the triggers, that’s what you use to hold the football)

  • Q: How do I change from trigger to grip controls?

    A: You can change the control scheme from the ‘Settings’ menu.

  • Q: I chose the wrong team! How do I pick a new squad?

    A: Head over to the big interactive wall in the locker room and select ‘customize player’ from there you’ll be able to select a new team.

  • Q: Can I change the difficulty of the game?

    A: Sure can! Head to the locker and pick up the ‘Settings Water Bottle’. Select the gameplay tab and you should see a difficulty drop down to adjust accordingly.
    - Rookie: Slower Game Speed, No Play Clock, No Interceptions
    - Pro: Default Game Speed, Turnovers enabled, Play Clock On, Penalties Enabled
    - All Pro: Increased Game Speed, No Slow Effect for snaps or handoffs, Turnovers enabled, Play Clock On, Penalties Enabled

  • Q: How do I call plays?

    A: Different from last year's game, players can now change the play both in the huddle and at the line of scrimmage. The coach will relay the play to the huddle, but the final decision rests with you, QB1. Players will have access to the entire playbook on their QB wristband, putting the decision squarely in QB1’s hands. Once you break the huddle and approach the line of scrimmage, you'll have the option to audible to another play from the same formation, especially if you spot a vulnerability in the defense you'd like to exploit.

  • Q: How do players earn trophies in NFL PRO ERA II?

    A: In NFL PRO ERA II, players will hit the gridiron with countless chances to snag some hardware. From the number of times you punch it into the endzone in a single season, to leading an entire career of pinpoint accuracy. Every stat you rack up against the opposition means a shot at bronze, silver, or gold glory. And the best part? Your stat sheet keeps growing, carrying your legacy from one season to the next, franchise to franchise, year over year.

  • Q: I just won the Super Bowl and the locker room is empty?!

    A: No worries, congrats on the big win! Go to your locker and pick up the vacation tickets to advance through the offseason. You will then be prompted to get ready for the upcoming season!

  • Q. Why is NFL PRO ERA II The Future of The Field?

    NFL PRO ERA II delivers unparalleled authenticity from the quarterback's viewpoint – right on the field, eyeing the defense, and connecting with your teammates. Our game sets a new benchmark in realism, second to none in the gaming world. Plus, NFL Pro Era II is exclusively tailored for VR – something a traditional 2D video game on a flat surface just can't match.

  • Q. Where can I submit feedback or join the StatusPro Community?

    A. Feel free to share feedback at or join our discord channel and our community manager will monitor the #feedback channel.